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Headlights and Goodbyes Media release

cheynne murphy


Headlights and Goodbyes, is the title single from the new album of North Coast folk rocker, Cheynne Murphy, due for release at the end of the 2018. Headlights and Goodbyes explores the notion of moving forward with the simultaneous feelings of nostalgia and a yearning for what is being left behind. As Cheynne explains, “ The concept I am exploring with this song and album is the idea that our memory is like a rearview mirror. In reality you can’t really go back there unless you stop and turn around. Perhaps there are things that do need to be addressed from the past in order to move forward. Ultimately though we are all looking to the headlights to what is coming ahead. Nostalgia and sentimentality can offer warm and comforting feelings, but sometimes we can get stuck there. Stuck in the past if we don’t let it go.”

Written with long-time collaborator and also drummer on the record, Carl Hemmings (aka The Greater Tapestry), Headlights and Goodbyes is another page in the 20 year history of song-writing between he and Cheynne. “We first started writing together in bands in Sydney and have continued to exchange lyrics, chords, and arrangement ideas to help refine the songs. Hopefully it shows in the end result.” The end result in this case is a rollicking, harmony based folk-rock anthem with an uplifting chorus that supports the lyrical theme of the empowerment of making big choices and the sobering acknowledgement that ultimately we can never turn back the time. In this case it is a story of domestic violence and the struggle with the pain of saying goodbye. “In the end sometimes we have to move on from dysfunctional and toxic situations even if we still love that person” says Cheynne.

This single represents the next step in a critically acclaimed songwriting career for Cheynne which has included a Bluesfest appearance, television performances, songwriting awards and recent nomination as song-writer of the year in the North Coast Entertainment Industry Associations’ (NCEIA) awards.

Cheynne has joined forces to record the song with long-time collaborators including engineer and producer Paul Pilsneniks (Angus Stone, Bernard Fanning, Pete Murray), fellow singer-songwriter Mark Heazlett on harmonies and guitars, The Greater Tapestry on drums and Ben Brennan (Seven) on Bass. The track also features some soulful B-bender telecaster from Canadian rocker Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) who heard the song playing from the studio and offered to play a final part to the track. Cheynne describes the moment as “pretty amazing as Jeff Martin is not only of my favourite vocalists but he is also an incredible guitarist and inspired me to pick up 12 -string guitar. It was very surreal”.

The song writing process has been on quite a journey and this latest version represents a major rewrite of an older song called Don't Hold Me Inside. 

Out June 15, 2018.