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Celtic Heart

When one journey ends another begins

Welcome global travellers. I am an independent singer-songwriter from the Byron shire,  Australia....Casuarina Beach actually...a tad north. Everything I do at the moment is handmade (so to speak) from producing records to designing my own websites, distribution and so on.. so please forgive me for any imperfections.  I've been writing songs for over 20 years but feel like I have only just started. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature, emotional development and spirituality or self-development. My first album A Horse Called Freedom is a journey about finding freedom within and the freedom drawn from connection to country. Has some influences from Aboriginal and American Indian culture. I write about it in depth in my blog (Post: lyrical journey).  The song Burnished Gold had me nominated for song-writer of the year on the North Coast and you can download it for free below. I actually wrote a country song once (called Wild Lonesome Feeling) after watching the Johnny Cash movie. First country song ever and won my first music award ever from it at the North Coast Music industry awards. Made me think of country music in its purest sense that is  connecting to country and for me as a surfer it's where I feel it most. Recently I have journeyed to Ireland and visited the birthplace of my Grandfather. The country there and people had a big impact. The story of my Pa Murphy has been told in the song Celtic Heart on the last album Celtic Heart. To me music is a vehicle for processing life and it's various journey's.  Just back from a recent tour to China in 2017  is the origins of the latest journey called On My Mind from a project band called  New Gold Mountain.  Photo's and video's of the trip will be uploaded on the special projects tab.  The latest album Headlights and Goodbyes is currently being recorded and title track is out June 1 everywhere. 

Be conscious, be creative, be authentic and I hope these expressions from the void bring something to you. Stay connected.


Play- Headlights and GoodByes

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